AntlerX Deer Antler Spray Supplement Review

One terrific secret to improving muscle strength and growth is a new product that actually comes in the form of a spray supplement. This product is the AntlerX Deer Antler Spray Supplement. This may sound hard to believe, but it is really possible to use a spray from the velvet substance of a deer antler directly on the areas of your desired muscle.

Created mainly from New Zealand Red Deer on the forming antlers of the males this supplement works because the antler velvet causes quick growth rate and cellular division of the antlers, and it is done in a short amount of time. The antler velvet is harvested humanely with no danger to the deer.

The antler velvet is a combination of growth factors, amino acids, and IGF-1. These components are found to be concentrated highly in the velvet. With the IGF-1 stimulating growth in muscle tissue similar to a growth hormone, the positive results show up in the size, output, and strength of the human muscles.

Body builders will benefit by using this AntlerX Deer Antler Spray Supplement. Each person responds uniquely and with different speeds for results. Most people will see a noticeable improvement in muscle growth in only three weeks. It works better for those with declining IGF-1 levels. Since the IGF-1 levels for many people will be at their peak at age 18 and will start to decline after that. Since that is when the muscle is much harder to gain, it is the perfect time to use AntlerX Spray Supplement.

Although the AntlerX does not need a prescription to purchase and is not regulated directly by the FDA, it is a reliable dietary supplement. The product is voluntarily compliant with all FDA regulations that are applicable. The ingredients are manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility that is licensed and is made from the highest quality of products. There is no need to worry since AntlerX is not illegal. Since it is a natural supplement, there are no side effects, however, a few people have had an upset stomach after using the spray.

The AntlerX is presented in a spray form because the formula can get into the bloodstream a lot faster for absorption, utilization, and activation of muscle recovery and tissue growth. Not only is it beneficial for muscle growth, but it is also great for faster recovery from muscle injuries and will improve cardiac output during physical performance.