Silicone for Hair Treatments

Silicone products are among the best hair treatment. Silicone smoothes and leaves the hair all shiny making an individual look great and amazing. Silicon is a commonly used product around the world and is slowly catching up in India, especially Kolkata. It is a popular method of treating hair and is widely practiced. Silicone is suitable for partial baldness, and it is a non-surgical treatment. Silicone products stimulate the hair regrowth, makes the hair silky, beautiful, shiny and strong. Individuals, who may admire their hair to such expectations, should use silicone hair treatment. Most hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, styling sprays, and gel usually contain silicone. You will also find quality hair transplantation in Kolkata in case you are looking for a permanent cure for hair loss and baldness. There are experienced and skilled surgeons for hair implants in Kolkata who are on par with hair doctors abroad.

Silicone may also be referred to as dimethicone or Cyclomethicone, and it has been in use since the 1950s. Silicone products are inorganic polydimethylsiloxane polymer. The organic silicon molecule is long backbone units and side chains which are flexible and linked to silicone atom.

Silicone hair products are in two types; water-soluble and water-insoluble. Water-soluble silicone products can easily be cleaned with water while water-insoluble products are not washed away with water hence forming deposits and coats the hair which causes the hair to form clumps and brittle.


Silicone hair treatment when applied to the hair, it coats the hair strands and so it creates a smooth and shiny effect. Hair treated with silicone products remains detangled and looks healthy. It is easy to comb since the hair strands do not clump. While silicone coats the hair, it helps the hair to retain moisture and protects it from the heat that can be damaging. Most importantly, when hair is subjected to heat while styling, silicone helps smoothen the heat transfer hence protecting hair from breaking. Few hair clinics in Kolkata make use of Silicone in their hair treatment for better results.

Despite silicone being widely used it; everything has a positive and negative side. Some of the advantages of using silicone may include:

  • Silicone makes hair easy to comb and detangle.
  • Hair treated with silicon gains added volume.

The hair texture softens.

  • The hair becomes smooth and shiny and looks healthy.
  • Silicone helps maintain hair moisture.
  • Easy passage of nutrients.
  • Silicone treatment gives thermal protection against heat while using styling technique.
  • Some of the disadvantages of using silicone hair treatment after an extended period may include.
  • Water insoluble silicones are hard to wash away as they coat and retain moisture in the hair.
  • While silicone coats the hair, it makes it hard for other products to penetrate through the hair shaft.
  • Concentrated silicon products impact a lot of weight in the hair.
  • Deposits of water-soluble products can cause damage and result in drying and breaking of the hair.
  • Some of the silicone hair treatment products that are widely used may include the following.

Cyclomethicone, it is one of the most used silicones. This type of silicon is a volatile silicone; it evaporates, and so it doesn’t build up on hair. It gives the hair a silky and smooth feel. Cyclomethicone silicone is found in rinse-off and leave-on products.

Amodimethicone is a silicone that contains ‘amo’ ‘amino’ or ‘amine’ in their name. This type of silicone is usually modified to make it stick better to the hair. Amodimethicone silicone conditions the hair well, but it is more challenging to remove it. It is usually found in the leave-on conditioners.

Dimethicone is also known as silicone oils. It provides great shine, conditions, and coats the hair. It can be hard to remove since it is a water-soluble product. It makes the hair feel heavy and weighed down since it mostly attracts pollutants from the air and dirt; this is because of its thick coating. It is commonly found in leave-on products.

Dimethicone copolyol is used in conditioning shampoos, and it is a lightweight silicone product, and so it does not build up. Dimethicone copolyol is a water-soluble silicone.

How to deal with the buildup

Washing hair with great and decent shampoo will wash away silicone. Individuals, who regularly use silicone treatments, may have to rinse the hair and repeat especially silicon treatment which contains dimethicone. Lightweight silicone will still leave the hair conditioned and shiny and the products won’t build up. Lightweight products are such as Cyclomethicone.

Silicone hair treatment is a boon for individuals who experience hair loss at early stages in life. Silicone treatment is affordable and very competitive. They include effective shampoos with great shine; helps smooth the hair and straighten it.

However, it is advisable that one should not undergo the treatments more frequently than recommended by a trichologist or the manufacturer. Silicone products are also suitable for curly or coarse hair and apart from resulting in hair regrowth, it provides shine and volume and also protects the hair from the damage of direct UV rays. Silicone products have a lot of advantages than disadvantages and individuals noticing hair loss should consider silicone for hair treatment. It is best that you visit a hair specialist in Kolkata and understand the pros and cons of using silicone hair products or hair treatments.